EE486 Winter 2016: Biomedical Signal Processing

  • Midterm exam HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO *** MONDAY Feb. 15th ***.
  • PS 4 will be due on Wed. Feb. 10th
  • Important dates / deadlines
  • Assignments and Solutions
    • PS 1 biomedical signal processing applications and MATLAB primer.
    • PS 1 solutions.
    • PS 2 on the neuromuscular system and reducing ensemble noise.
    • PS 2 solutions on the neuromuscular system and reducing ensemble noise.
    • PS 3 on H-reflex and EMG processing.
    • PS 3 solutions
    • PS 4 *** now due on Feb. 10th, see announcements above *** on NMES and EMG envelope detection.
    Data and Code
    Other useful links
    • Matlab tutorial from Dave Ojika
    • MATLAB Tutorial
      Under "Tutorial Options", go through the following
      • MATLAB examples -> Getting Started with MATLAB
      • MATLAB examples -> Working in The Development Environment
      • MATLAB examples -> Writing a MATLAB program
      • MATLAB examples -> Basic Matrix Operations
      • Getting Started with MATLAB (User's Guide)

    Course outline

    Date Topic Reading Related Assignment
    M Jan 4 Course overview; biomedical signal processing applications Supplement: Intro lecture slides PS 1
    W Jan 6 Bioelectrical signals and noise in biomedical recordings; primer on MATLAB Supplement: A) Neural action potential. B) Noise in biomedical signals. PS 1
    M Jan 11 Ensemble averaging Winter and Yack 1987 (focus on pp. 402-405); PS 2
    W Jan 13 Neuromotor control, EMG acquisition, and ensemble averaging Purves supplement on the neuromuscular system; Winter and Yack 1987 (focus on pp. 402-405); Shiavi 1981 Sections 1, 2.1-2.2 PS2
    M Jan 18 MLK, Jr. Day
    W Jan 20 Motor evoked potentials Scivoletto et al 2009; Iyer et al 2010 PS 3
    M Jan 25 MEPs, H Reflex, and recruitment curves Graupe 1989, Kim et al. 2009 (focus on Introduction and Methods B)PG/PS Controller); PS 3
    M Feb 1 NMES and EMG profiles Peckham 2005 (focus on INTRODUCTION and PHYSIOLOGICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES OF FES sections), Braz et al. 2009 PS 4
    W Feb 3 EMG envelope detection Winter and Yack 1987; Shiavi 1987 PS 4
    M Feb 8 EMG profile Graupe 1989; Winter and Yack 1987; Shiavi 1987 PS 4
    W Feb 10 EEG acquisition; EEG sources and rhythms Supplements on EEG sources and fields; EEG rhythms; Wolpaw et al. 1998 PS 5
    M Feb 15 Midterm exam